Added Auto Insurance Benefits

Insuring the cars has many benefits that come with it. Besides the low premiums and the quick receipt of claims, which does not run into months with reputed and good insurance companies the benefits are many.

It is however mandatory to be follow the check list that is given by the car insurance company. It is a simple step by step process that should be done immediately when an accident occurs as far as possible.


If the driver is in a position to be able to reach the phone, he must inform the police, make a call to a towing service, call an ambulance and call the insurance company.

Insurance companies have a toll free number to contact the insurance company.

When the injuries have healed, the driver must fill out the insurance claim form and answer the questions of the insurance investigator.

After that a driver can track the claim online for the clearance.

Added services:

Insurance companies normally have a network of garages and companies that handle accident related vehicles and repair them. Since they are attached to the insurance company or owned by the insurance company the costs are cheaper
No extra costs have to be paid by the customer for inspection and valuation of the car after an accident.

There is always preferred treatment within the network of the car insurance company whether it is car repair, or medical treatment or actual valuation costs.

This helps to keep the costs of an accident low so that an individual does not become cash strapped in the process.

The customer service levels in the reputed car companies are excellent as they understand the trauma under which an individual visits them.

Each car insurance company is reducing the waiting time for the claim reimbursement as well as the premiums to encourage all vehicle owners or users of rented vehicles to insure the cars for their own benefit, mobility and freedom.

If a person has an accident in a rental car the rental company will take as much as 45 days rent for the destroyed car but the insurance company will not reimburse the amount to the driver. Accidents with uninsured drivers are not included.

Keeping the benefits in mind it is important to make sure that the proper insurance plans are used and the coverage obtained to give a driver the freedom of driving with a free mind.


Things To Know About Car Insurance

With the increasing number of accidents and the intentional denting of new cars on the road there are several reasons why insurance companies are being incorporated everywhere and are making it easier to cover the car from not only accidents but from several other areas of possible car destruction. Many online car insurance sites have popped up also to help consumers shop for policies and find the best company.

Best Companies for Car insurance:

The top 10 care insurance companies currently are The General Insurance with a rating of 84, Infinity Auto Insurance with a rating of 78, Liberty Mutual Insurance with a rating of 93 Liberty Mutual Insurance with a rating of 93, Nationwide Insurance with a rating of 93,Elephant Auto Insurance with a rating of 92, American Family Insurance with a rating of 92, All States Insurance with a rating of 92,Wawanesa Insurance with a rating of 92 Farmers Insurance with a rating of 90, Ameriprise Financials with a rating of 89, Geico Insurance with a rating of 88, Progressive Insurance with a rating of 88, Erie Insurance with a rating of 88, Travelers Insurance with a rating of 87, The Hartford Insurance with a rating of 84.The calculation of these ratings are based on customer satisfaction and the premium amounts that the customers have to pay. They are among the top car insurance companies today because of their customer service and their reasonable premiums.

Types of Insurance:

Even though many feel that car insurance should be the same at whatever premium they pay for the coverage there is still a division and the insurance coverage is in 2 categories. The first type is the standard insurance which will cover the value of the car for reasons of collision caused by one of the family members to the car. It is also known as family insurance. The Family Insurance covers accidents, theft collision but it does not cover natural disasters. Some insurance companies also cover for manmade disaster which is called flood insurance and the premium that needs to be paid in a Family Insurance policy for this is higher than the standard premium. The second category is the comprehensive car insurance which has a higher premium but it also covers against reckless driving of insured drivers but it does not cover a person for a collision with a car where the driver is uninsured. If there is a been a theft of the car the insurance company under the comprehensive insurance will cover not only the cost of the vehicle but it will also cover the additions inside the car that are not for personal use but are regular fittings within the car. These fittings would have to be a tape deck, speakers, car phone and such other fittings. However for those who live in their car, if the belongings in the car or golf clubs in the booth or gadgets of personal use in the car are stolen along with the car the items will not be covered by the insurance company even in the comprehensive insurance policy.

It is necessary to insure a car for all those who own a car, but before choosing an insurance company, it is important that the full details should be understood and a checklist made of all the areas that will be covered and all the areas that will not be covered whether it is a Standard Family Insurance policy or a Comprehensive Insurance policy. Certain areas are sometimes covered in the car insurance policies when the credibility of the individual and the creditworthiness of the individual are good. The issue of collision against non insured drivers is increasing, the insurance companies are trying to find a proper acceptable solution.


True Statements Of Insurance Claims

Insuring a car is not always a sober and solemn process. It has light moments especially when people who meet with an accident or come for insurance claims have a variety of explanations that are true and factual ,but the reasons given for the final cause of the action is more often comic rather than serious and offensive.

Without actually going into the names of the insurance companies here are a few true and factual statements that have been recorded for car insurance claims.

True claim statements:

The window of a man’s car was broken and shattered in the middle. In the claim interview he said that he did not realize that his car window was closed till he tried to put his head through it!
In another case when an accident occurred, the man claimed to the insurance investigator that when the police asked him if he had been injured in the accident he had said ‘no’, but he found that he had skull fracture only after removing his hat….

Here is another true case where a man had an accident against a road obstruction and when the car insurance people came to verify the facts the man in all innocence said that he did not think that there was a speed limit after midnight!

In another insurance claim statement a man says that he saw a pole and he knew he was going to hit it and as he tried to steer the car away from the pole he hit it anyway. He was not injured because as his car left the road, the man was thrown out and was found safely by a few stray cows. The car insurance company gave him the compensation as per his car insurance policy.

Another big man who had an accident was asked what the real cause of the car accident was? Out spilled his reply that the real reason was the collision that took place but the indirect cause of the accident was a small man with a big mouth!!

In yet another claim for car insurance payment a man wrote that it was not his fault as he was legally parked when he backed into the vehicle behind his car.

In another honest statement the man who had filed a claim wrote that the other guy was all over the place he had to swerve a lot before he actually hit the other car.

These are some of the true claim statements that have been filed honestly, stating exactly as the incident occurred.

Importance of a car insurance policy:

Whether a person causes the accident or is part of an accident it is important to have the car insurance done, the benefit is that no matter how comical a statement may sound or read, if it honest it will be reimbursed.

There are 10 top car insurance companies to choose from, they are also customer oriented and it helps in getting medical reimbursement also without the hassles that exist.